試験科目:「IT Service Management Foundation based on ISO/IEC 20000 (ITSM20F.EN)」
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NO.1 What has to be included in a well defined process?
A. Statistical support
B. Expected outcomes
C. Functions
D. Timelines
Answer: B


NO.2 What is known as a temporary solution that enables the user to continue working?
A. Service Request
B. Request For Change (RFC)
C. Workaround
D. Known Error
Answer: C


NO.3 Deming proposed a system of continuous improvement.
Which four activities does this system involve?
A. Plan. Do. Evaluate and Act
B. Plan. Perform. Evaluate and Act
C. Plan. Perform. Audit and Improve
D. Plan. Do. Check and Act
Answer: D


NO.4 Different types of events are reported to the Service Desk. Which event is an incident?
A. Information about the rollout of a specific application
B. A request for the installation of a new bookkeeping package
C. A notification that a new toner cartridge has just been installed in a printer
D. A report that the printer is not working
Answer: D


NO.5 What would increase the amount of detail in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB)?
A. Increasing the number of attributes of each Configuration Item (CI) in the CMDB
B. Increasing the scope of the CMDB
C. Increasing the number of records in the CMDB
D. Increasing the use of the CMDB
Answer: A


NO.6 Through which process does the implementation of new or changed services, including closure of a
service, need to be planned and approved.?
A. Release Management
B. Business Relationship Management
C. Service Level Management
D. Change Management
Answer: D

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NO.7 In recent months at a transport company with 1500 desktops, dozens of requests have been received
for expansion of the internal memory because its size has proven to be insufficient.
Which process should have prevented this from happening?
A. Availability Management
B. Configuration Management
C. Capacity Management
D. Service Level Management
Answer: C


NO.8 One of the activities of Problem Management is the analysis of historical Incident and Problem data held
in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) in order to understand trends.
Which aspect of Problem Management accomplishes this?
A. Problem Control
B. Error Control
C. Proactive Problem Management
D. Identification of root causes
Answer: C


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