NO.1 Which three options are examples of operational outcomes? (Choose three.)
A. Availability of end user support
B. Increased quality of service for managers
C. Increased infrastructure resiliency
D. Standardized tools and processes
E. Increased automation
F. Better quality management decision making
Answer: C,D,E


NO.2 Which is the Cisco recommended technique for verifying the 'as-is' state of the business?
A. Discussing the Business Model Canvas
B. Presenting the root cause analysis of a customer problem
C. Using "The five whys" questioning approach
D. Modeling high volume parts of the customer's business process
Answer: A

NO.3 Which two options should be included within the Introduction section of a business case?
(Choose two.)
A. Stakeholder List
B. Finance Options
C. Purpose of Case
D. Background
Answer: C,D


NO.4 Which approach is recommended for gaining deeper insight into pain points raised by a senior
customer business leader?
A. Speak with peers of the customer leader, to find out whether this person has a reputation for
making problems sound bigger than they really are
B. Lead an exercise to define revenue the customer could gain from using remote experts on sales
C. Inform the customer of some statistics about their competitors, to get a reaction
D. Ask open ended questions about goals and impacts from challenges
Answer: D


NO.5 What tool would you use as a starting point to identify future capability requirements?
A. Value chain model
B. Root cause analysis
C. A 'to-be' business model canvas
D. Business motivation model
Answer: C

NO.6 Which of the following should be set by the business decision makers to help determine what
outcomes are required by a project?
A. Milestones and responsibilities
B. Metrics
C. Critical success factors
D. Key performance indicators
Answer: C


NO.7 What should your next step be once you have completed defining your recommended solution?
A. Measure benefits realization
B. Conduct business requirements analysis
C. Present to the relevant stakeholders for buy-in
D. Develop business case
Answer: C

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NO.8 Which three options are Building Blocks within the Business Model Canvas? (Choose three.)
A. Key Customers
B. Customer Segments
C. Cash Flows
D. Customer Relationships
E. Partner Relationships
F. Key Partners
Answer: B,D,F

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